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We are all alone

And this is a record I wrote during the course of a period that'll only go down as The Great Reset.

Well, I wrote, and I read, and I fuckin' cried, and I bled to document something that carries some truth — what truth, you ask? What truth? The truth of Being, my friend. That's the only truth we share in common.

Well, I was one of those people you hate. You know, the facts and logic type. Science is law — yeah, science is law. Science was my God for a very long time.

Fast forward to a year of death, tragedy, loss, and (go ahead, let it out)

... fuck.

Could this be why?

I just might not be afraid to die

We are all alone

I was still all alone

At time, I was at home

True say

I was all alone

And time, time, time

While the turrets set it off

What became of my hands

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